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Philips Foundation – supporting the fight against COVID-19

Gepost op 29 mei 2020
Our mission is to reduce healthcare inequality by providing access to quality healthcare for disadvantaged communities.

The Philips Foundation is founded on the belief that innovation and collaboration can help solve some of the world’s toughest healthcare challenges for the underserved and make essential impact. Our mission is to reduce healthcare inequality by providing access to quality healthcare for disadvantaged communities. We do this by deploying Philips’ expertise, innovative products and solutions, and by collaborating with key partners (such as UNICEF, Amref and Save the Children) around the world.

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

More than ever, the Philips Foundation is striving to help provide access to critical care for those most in need.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philips Foundation teamed up with GO FAIR Foundation and Kampala International University to enable distributed access to critical data needed from Africa to fight and contain the novel coronavirus that is spreading across the globe. Together with AFAS Foundation and Noaber Foundation, we provided hospital relief by making available five temporary 20-bed hospitals for Italy, Ukraine, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Emergency aid was provided to India, Spain, and Kenya to stem the outbreak.

We provided critical medical equipment to hospitals and clinics in the United States, China, Romania, Mexico, Turkey, and Lebanon. These include ultrasound devices to detect and monitor disease progression, by scanning for lung abnormalities consistent with COVID-19 imaging markers, or possible cardiac complications. This way, professional healthcare workers can fast track patients contracted by the virus and provide them with better care 

In response to the shortage of medical face masks in the Netherlands, we tied Refugee Company with the feedstock supplier of Philips and granted a loan for two mask-making machines to accelerate production.

To understand more about what the Philips Foundation is doing to help provide access to critical care in these unprecedented times, we encourage you to check our interactive map to find out where and how the Foundation is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

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